Our inspiration for helping new growers came when we grew at home for the first time ourselves. You know what we ran into?

Too much information. Too many complex products. And too little care for the environmental impact of many growing techniques. We searched for affordable solutions to these problems. None were up to snuff.

Many indoor gardening kits were four figures to start. Other methods required cobbling together pieces from multiple sources. The overwhelm began immediately, and didn’t stop when we delved into the myriad of growing resources available.

We wanted something that would limit the stress, lower the price, and increase the fun of learning how to grow your own.

This being the land of dabblers, wild cards, misfits and makers, we decided to say screw it. Why not make a solution ourselves? We are Portland Proud after all.

Hence the Grow & Cure Herb Kit was born. Natural products, fun tutorials, and something most of us can afford with a bit of penny pinching. Just grab the soil and the plant and you’re ready to grow.

No more digging around for information. Just a whole lot of digging around in the dirt. Now let’s get at it!