Our story starts with family.

A few beers between siblings.
And mustering up the courage to venture into the unknown.

On a balmy evening in 2015, we stood on the front porch with drinks in hand, mulling over our day on the family farm.

Most impactful were the words our great uncle spoke earlier that day.

"I was told you couldn't have a profitable, high yielding farm using organic methods. You had to spray it with poison and rob the earth to succeed. I almost believed it too. But I'm glad I didn't. Because now we still have this."

He gestured towards the lush, sundrenched land our family had cultivated for over a century.

We reflected on this scene and his words, expressing our own personal desires to venture independently. To battle commonly held misperceptions, and right the world in our own little way.

Something about our uncle’s bravery, passion and conviction bit us that day. It led us to seek our own inspiration, and there was no looking back. Who knows? Maybe this story will even inspire you too…