(On Sale!) Grow & Cure Kit


Exercise your right to grow! Our kit helps you grow robust plants naturally without any prior experience necessary. Fun tutorials, the materials you need, and nothing more. Just grab the soil and the plant and you're ready to go!

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Kit Features

  • Free exclusive animated tutorials ($60 Value)
  • Simple & intuitive
  • Earth friendly & natural
  • Designed & assembled in Portland

What’s Included?

First, the growing necessities

  • Grow Bag – 11 gallons (1.5 cubic foot), locally designed, bio-degradable, breathable
  • Organic Nutrients – 8 oz. bottle of natural veg, 8 oz. bottle of natural bloom, Mycorrhizal Fungi
  • Measuring Shot – measure accurately, then start the party
  • Jewelers Loupe – 40x magnified with LED light

Second, the curing necessities

  • Trimming Shears – razor sharp stainless steel
  • Drying Rack – handmade, fully adjustable, 3 lines, 8.5 ft. long x 9 in. wide, hooks and twist-ties included
  • Curing Jar – 3 liters (quarts), hermetically sealed, durable and beautiful
  • Relative Humidity Regulator - avoid mold or over-drying with the Boveda 62

Finally, the help         

  • Animated Tutorials – Simple, easy-to-follow videos that help you through the whole grow and cure process. 

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